123Movies Full Screen Not Working on Browser? Here’s How to Fix It

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Nowadays, everyone likes to watch movies on the big screen, be it a smart TV, smartphone, or computer. Nowadays, people have started watching movies online. But what if some movie streaming websites can’t play movies on full screen? A similar case has come to light with 123Movies. According to internet users, 123Movies full screen not working properly. In this article, we will learn how to fix this problem.

Nowadays, there are many sources for watching movies online. But you get worried when that source or its functions stop working. So if you are also not able to play the movies in full screen on those sites, then follow the steps given below carefully.

123Movies Full Screen Not Working on Browser? Here's How to Fix It

Note: For your kind information, let me tell you that 123Movies is one of the most popular illegal movie sites in the world. We do not promote or endorse any type of piracy site or platform. This article is only for informational purposes.

7 Ways to Fix 123Movies Full Screen Not Working on Browser

#1. Check Your Internet Connection

Any online website requires a strong internet connection to open or load properly. If the strength of the internet connection connected to your phone or computer is poor, then you should quickly switch to another internet connection or Wi-Fi. A poor internet connection can prevent a website’s functions, such as full screen mode, from working.

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#2. Refresh the Page

Sometimes the page of the website does not load properly, due to which some functions present on the page do not work. Exactly the same happens with 123Movies too. In such a situation, refresh the page open in the tab of your browser.

To refresh the page, you can press CTRL + R on your laptop or computer keyboard. If you are browsing on an Android phone, then swipe down with your finger on the screen, and your work will be done.

#3. Clear Your Browser Cache

Often, your browser stores a small amount of data in its local store when you visit any site. Which eventually turns into a corrupt cache. This cache file can spoil your browsing experience. It also prevents websites from loading. In such a situation, this could also be the reason for 123Movies full-screen mode not working properly. In this situation, you should quickly clear the cache file of your browser.

To Clear cache on Google Chrome browser:

clear browser cache
  • Click on Three Dots (⋮) on Top-Right Corner.
  • Select “History” > “Clear Browsing Data”.
  • Choose the Time Range.
  • Check the Box Next to “Cached Images and Files”.
  • Click on “Clear Data”.

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#4. Disable Ad Blocker on Browser

You will see ads on almost all the websites on the internet. With these ads, website owners earn money. But movie websites contain more ads, which irritates a user a lot. To tackle these ads, users use different ad blocker extensions in their browsers. Which prevents banner ads and popup ads from being displayed on the website.

But sometimes these ad blockers also prevent certain functions of the website from working. In this situation, you will have to disable the ad blocker installed in your browser.

To disable ad blocker extension on Google Chrome browser:

  • Click on Three Dots on Top Right Corner and Tap on Extensions.
  • Click on Manage Extensions.
  • Now Turn Off the Toggle Switch under Your Ad Blocker.

#5. Disable Hardware Acceleration

If you are using the Chrome browser, then it is possible that 123Movies full screen not working due to hardware acceleration being turned on. The hardware acceleration feature prevents many features from working while browsing.

To disable hardware acceleration on Chrome browser:

  • Click on Three Dots on Top Right Corner and Go to Settings.
  • Click on System.
  • Turn Off Toggle Switch Next to ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’.

#6. Reset Custom APN Settings

Often, Android phone users configure custom APN settings in their telecom SIM for good internet connectivity. Although this improves internet connectivity, sometimes it creates problems while browsing. For this, you will have to delete the custom APN settings present on the phone and set them to default APN mode.

#7. Use Different Browsers

There are some browsers that are not able to load or open websites properly. In this situation, you should close your current browser and use another browser. For example, if you are currently accessing the 123Movies site on a Chrome browser but the video is not playing in full screen, then you should use another browser like Firefox, Edge, or Brave.

I hope you find this article very helpful. If you are still facing any problems, then please let us know by commenting below. Also, please share this article with your friends.

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