7 Ways to Fix Vinted App Not Working on Android

Vinted is the perfect platform for online shopping for clothes. The Vinted app is a popular online marketplace and community that allows users to buy and sell clothes, shoes, and accessories. However, being a server-based online application, sometimes the Vinted app doesn’t work.

It is often seen that when the Vinted app doesn’t work, then users have to face login issues, app crashing, loading errors, search functionality, and payment errors. You can use the Vinted app on both Android and iPhone.

vinted app not working on android

If you’re also worried because the Vinted app not working today properly, then this article is for you. In this article, I have shared some troubleshoots with you, by following which you can easily fix the problems related to the Vinted app.

7 Ways to Fix Vinted App Not Working on Android

#1. Check Your Internet Connection

First of all, check the internet connection on your phone. If the internet is not working on your phone or the internet connection is very weak, then you will not be able to access the Vinted app properly. You can check the internet connection with the help of the internet speed test app on your phone.

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#2. Restart Your Phone

A simple phone restart can fix minor problems with your Vinted app. Many times, due to continuous use of the phone, some apps stop working properly. In this situation, restarting the phone is an easy solution.

To Restart Your Android Phone:

  • Press and Hold Power Button on Your Phone.
    android power button
  • Click on Reboot or Restart Button.
    android phone restart

#3. Check Vinted App Server Status

If you are seeing some error messages when you open the Vinted app, then there may be a problem with the Vinted app server. Sometimes, due to the Vinted app server being down or maintenance scheduled, you may face problems in the Vinted app.

By clicking on this Downdetector link ➚, you will easily be able to check the Vinted app server status. If there is a server-related problem, then you will have to wait until Vinted App Server goes live.

#4. Clear Vinted App Cache

If Vinted app continuously keeps crashing or stopping on your phone, then the outdated cache of Vinted app can be a major reason behind it. Because continuously using any app creates a cache file, which later gets converted into a junk file. To fix this problem, you will have to clear the cache of the Vinted app.

To Clear Vinted App Cache on Android:

  • Go to Setting > Apps.
  • Click on Manage Apps.
  • Select Vinted App and Click on Storage.
    vinted app storage
  • Tap on Clear Data and Tap on Clear Cache.
    vinted app storage cache clear

Note: Do not click on Clear All Data. This can logout your account from Vinted app.

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#5. Update Vinted App to the Latest Version

Sometimes Vinted app does not work properly due to bugs in older Vinted app versions. For this, first of all go to Google Play Store and update Vinted app. As soon as you update, your Vinted app will be installed on your phone with the new version.

To Update Vinted App on Your Android Phone:

  • Open Google Play Store and Search for ‘Vinted’ App.
  • Now Check, is There any Update Avaiable.
  • If Update Available, Click on Update Button.
    vinted app update play store

#6. Force Stop the Vinted App

Many times, you can get an app working again by force-stopping it. On Android devices, you get the option to force start. To force start the Vinted app, go to Settings > Apps > Vinted > Force Stop.

app force stop

#7. Uninstall and Reinstall the Vinted App

If you have followed all the methods given above and your Vinted app is still not working properly, then you will have to uninstall your Vinted app and reinstall it again. For this, you can uninstall the app by going to the phone’s settings. Then go to the Play Store and install the Vinted app again. When the Vinted app is installed, log in to your account again.

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I hope that after reading this article, you have fixed the Vinted App not working problem. What problem did you have related to the Vinted app? Please tell us by commenting below. Also, share this article on social media.

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