What is ‘Label as Made with AI’ in Instagram and How to Use It?

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If you also upload contents (photos, videos, and reels) on Instagram daily, then your attention must have been drawn towards this new ‘Label as Made with AI’ option. Users do not yet know about this new AI option. So, in this article, we will tell you what is ‘Label as Made with AI’ feature in Instagram and when and how to use it.

What is ‘Label as Made with AI’ in Instagram?

What is 'Label as Made with AI' in Instagram and How to Use It?

In this AI era, it has become very difficult to differentiate between AI-generated content and human-generated content. Keeping this in mind, Meta has added this ‘Label as Made with AI’ option to its platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

If someone publishes a post by enabling this ‘Label as Made with AI’ option, then the label “Made with AI” or “Generated by AI” will appear below the username in the Instagram feed. So that people will know that this post or reel has been created with the help of AI and posted on Instagram.

This feature needs to be turned on even if you have created a reel or photo with the help of a third-party AI editor tool. This move by Meta has now made it much easier to identify AI content on popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Now if you see the tag “Made with AI” or “Label as Made with AI” in any post, then understand that it is a post created by AI. So, to know how to use this new feature to identify Al-generated contents, follow the steps given below.

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How to Use ‘Label as Made with AI’ in Instagram?

If you have a popular Instagram page where you have been publishing AI-generated contents for some time, then now this is the time to use this new ‘Label as Made with AI’ option. Enabling this option is very simple.

To use ‘Label as Made with AI’ on Instagram app:

Step 1. Update Your Instagram App from Play Store (for Android) & Apple App Store (for iPhone).

Step 2. Now Launch Instagram App.

Step 3. Click on + icon at Bottom Toolbar.

instagram add new icon

Step 4. Choose Image or Reel and Tap on Next Button.

instagram post next button

Step 5. Now Add Some Captions, Hashtags and Turn On Toggle Switch Next to Label as Made with AI Option.

turn on label as made with ai

Step 6. Now Click on Share Button to Publish this Post.

As soon as you turn on ‘Label as Made with AI’ and share a post, the ‘Made with AI’ label will start appearing along with your post.

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Q 1. What is creator labeled as AI generated?

Answer – If the ‘AI-generated’ label appears in a creator’s post, it means that the post has been created with AI.

Q 2. Should I use ‘Label as Made with AI’ in Instagram post?

Answer – Yes! Now if you create or generate any reel or photo with the help of AI, then you will have to turn on the ‘Label as Made with AI’ option while posting on Instagram. Otherwise, your account may also be restricted.

Q 3. Why ‘Label as Made with AI’ option is not showing in Instagram?

Answer – If this ‘Label as Made with AI’ option is not showing up in your Instagram app yet, then don’t worry; you will get this feature soon. Meta has recently started the rollout process for this feature. Apart from this, you can update your Instagram app on the Play Store.

I hope that you liked this article and that you also got information about this ‘Label as Made with AI’. If you have any kind of question, please tell us by commenting below. Please share this article with as many friends as possible.

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