What Does DBL Mean on Instagram and Where to Use It?

Today, text chatting on Instagram has turned into a text game. A short form of a word is being used in text chatting. Recently, the word “DBL” has been used very frequently in Instagram chatting. But almost all Instagram users don’t know what does DBL mean on Instagram and where it is used.

DBL can mean anything in slang. But whenever you are having a serious chat with friends or clients, its meaning changes. Today, when I was chatting on Instagram, I thought that my users would also be interested to know what is the full form of DBL on Instagram.

What Does DBL Mean on Instagram

Below, I have shared with you in detail about this Instagram DBL acronym.

What Does DBL Mean on Instagram?

DBL is being used specifically for two meanings on Instagram. The first is “Don’t be late” and the second is “Double”. Yes, nowadays users are using DBL mostly for these two meanings in Instagram chatting.

When and Where to Use DBL on Instagram:

If you are chatting and such a situation has arisen when you have to tell someone that “You’re getting late” or not to be late, then you can use DBL. If you want to use “Double” words in a chat, then you can use DBL as an acronym.

Some other popular DBL meanings are:

Apart from the two meanings given above, DBL has many other meanings, such as “Dubai Basketball League”, “Double Bottom Line”, “Double Lane Bowling”, “Designated Branch Leader”, “Digital Business Library”, “Double Loop Learning “, “Digital Banking License”, and many more.

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I hope that with the help of this article, you have been able to know what does DBL mean on Instagram. If you want to know about any other Instagram acronym words, you can ask by commenting below. Please share this article on social media.

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