Groww App Not Working on Android or iPhone? Here’s How to Fix It

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Groww is a popular investing application for Android and iOS in India. This Groww app allows you to invest in different financial products like stocks, mutual funds, Exchange-Traded funds, etc. But traders get worried when the Groww app suddenly stops working on their phones. In this article, I have shared how to fix the Groww app not working issue.

Why Groww app is not working today?

Groww App Not Working on Android or iPhone? Here's How to Fix It

According to news and reports, the main reason for the Groww app not working is a server outage. However, apart from this, there can be other reasons, like an outdated app, a corrupt app cache, an internet problem, etc.

Due to the Groww app not working, there can be different problems, like balances not showing, IPOs or stocks not showing in the app dashboard, or Something went wrong error message may be displayed on the screen.

If you are also troubled by the Groww app not working on your Android or iPhone, then you should follow the different methods given below after reading carefully. Many times, problems related to the Groww app can be fixed by following these steps.

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7 Ways to Fix Groww App Not Working on Android or iPhone

#1. Check Your Internet Connection

The functions of Groww work completely on the internet. If the internet connection on your phone is not working properly or the internet is slow, then Groww will not work. For this, first of all, you have to test the internet connectivity on your phone. If the internet is working properly, then follow the steps given below.

#2. Restart Your Device

It has often been observed that if the Groww app stops working, a simple phone restart can fix the app-related problems. Many times, using the phone without restarting it causes the installed apps to collapse among themselves. Restarting the phone can resolve those issues.

To restart your Android phone:

  • Press and Hold Power Button on Your Phone.
    android power button
  • Click on Reboot or Restart Button.
    android phone restart

To restart your iPhone:

  • Press and Hold Your Device’s Volume and Power Buttons.
  • Slide the Power Off Slider on Screen.
  • Now Press and Hold the Power Button Until the Apple Logo Appears.

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#3. Clear Groww App’s Cache

If the Groww app is not working on your phone, then a corrupt cache can be a major reason behind it. If the Groww app keeps crashing or stopping, then you can get rid of this problem by clearing the cache.

  • To clear Groww app cache on an Android phone, Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps (All Apps) > Groww > Storage > Clear Cache.
  • To clear Groww app cache on an iPhone, Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Groww > Storage > Offload App.

#4. Check if Groww Server is Down

If you open the Groww app but the IPO, balance, or stocks are not showing in the app, then it could be due to a server outage. If the Groww server is down, then you cannot do anything. You have to wait sometime. You can easily see the Groww server outage status live by clicking on this link ↗.

#5. Update Your Groww App

Often, the Groww app installed on the phone is an outdated version. Users forget to update the Groww app. And many features in the old version of the app do not work properly. Developers always fix bugs and glitches in new versions. You have to quickly go to the Play Store (for Android) and Apple App Store (for iPhone) and update the Groww app.

groww app update play store
Update Groww App from Play Store

#6. Logout from Groww App and Login Again

Sometimes, due to account-related problems, Groww app’s functions do not work properly. For this, log out of your account from the Groww app and then log in again. Many problems can be fixed with this logout and login process.

#7. Uninstall and Reinstall Groww App

If you have followed all the steps given above but Groww is still not working, then now you have to uninstall the Groww app from your phone. After this, reinstall the Groww app from the Play Store and App Store. Now you have to log in to your account in Groww again. Now check whether the functions of the Groww app are working properly or not.

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I hope you found this article helpful, and by following it, you have fixed the problem of the Groww app not working. If you are still facing any problems with Groww, then let us know by commenting below. Please share this post as much as possible.

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